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Strengthening nail polishes that are free of the top 21+ allergens and toxins found in other brands.


“I’m not personally a nail biter but l got this for my husband who’s been bitinghis nails since he was a kid. I’ve seen some positive change within the firstweek, and he says he definitely doesn’t want to bite his nails anymorebecause this tastes awful! Haha” (Curb – No Bite Treatment)

Kayla J.

“My nails were in bad shape as a result of stress.Crumbling, crackingcompleted tests to see if vitamins deficiency. Nothing worked. Finally theyshowed some promise and that’s when I found Rocket and it really helped.

Ronnie S.

‘l decided to try the Smooth Rocket Ridge Filler and I am really pleased! Mynails are in healthy condition because of my rocket nail fuel and paired upwith this, they are even better. I love the very light pink color and how itconceals the ridges on my nails!! 5 stars!

Jessica H.

This ridge filler is my new Holy Grail! It smooths out any imperfections in mynails, protects my natural nails from staining, all while providing thestrengthening benefits I love from Rocket Nail Fuel.”

Janet D.

This Rocket fuel is fabulous. After 7 yrs of trying to get my nails to grow aftertaking off acrylics, finally found something that actually works.

Vicki D.

“This is a beautiful color and my nails have never looked so good.

Janet B.